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Any Phone System
Any Operating System

Jive Softphone

OpenPhone is a softphone designed to integrate with all your business applications

We are tired of jumping between business applications like Teams, O365, Salesforce, Slack, Zoho, Zendesk, Drift, Intercom, Skype, Zoom, Gmail, etc. So we decided to build an open stack softphone to ack as a single pane of glass for all your business applications.



We connect to the best tools to help you save time and grow your business

OpenPhone can connect to ANY phone system that allows SIP registration. Whether you are using a Cisco Call Manager, Avaya IP Office, Broadsoft, Netsapiens, Asterisk, Vonage, RingCentral, etc. Simply register OpenPhone as an endpoint to start making and receiving calls supercharged with data from all your favorite business applications. 

For example, the OpenPhone messager integrated with Drift or Intercom will allow you to chat with leads on your website in real-time. If the chat conversation goes long, seamlessly turn it into a call with the OpenPhone softphone. Once the call ends, OpenPhone can automatically log the call activity into Salesforce, Zoho and more, all while providing on-demand call recordings for playback.

Real-time data mapping

By leveraging API integrations with tools like Clearbit, Salesforce, Zendesk, Conectwise, Intercom and more, combined with the phone number of an incoming or outgoing call, we can build advanced contact cards inside of OpenPhone in real-time. Once a contact card is built, we can launch data-driven call pops to any browser while automatically logging call analytics into selected applications. 

Incoming Call
(810) 730-0054

API for CNAM Lookup

API for Contact Lookup 

API for Ticket Data

API for Advanced Data

API for Website Chat Data

API for Business Tools

API for Emails

"twilio": {

"caller_name": "SPENCER SCOTT"

"phone_number": "+18107300054"

"national_format": "(810) 730-0054"

"carrier": "Verizon Wireless"

"type": "mobile"

"country_code": "US"

"city_code": "FLINT"


"salesforce": {

"first_name": "SPENCER"

"last_name": "SCOTT"

"email": ""

"website": ""

"phone_number": "8107300054"

"zendesk": {

"email_address": ""

"phone_number": "8107300054"

"status_open": "0"

"status_closed": "11"

"clearbit": {

"name": "spencer scott"

"email": ""

"linkedin": ""

"twitter": ""

"employment": "VP Product Designat Loup"

"seniority": "Executive"

"company_name": "Loup LLC"

"comapny_logo": ""

"company_location": "Wylie, TX, USA"

"company_founded_year": "2017"

"company_type": "Private"

"company_employees": "10"

"company_domain": ""

"company_linkedin": ""

"company_email_provider": "GSuite"

"company_sector": "Information Technology"

"drift": {

"ip_address": ""

"ip_address_location": "McKinney, TX, US"

"start_date": "12/12/2017 11:21am"

"last_active_date": "12/12/2017 11:36am"

"pages_visited": "", ""

"email": ""

"builtwith": {

"analytics": "Google Analytics", "Facebook Pixel"

"widgets": "Wix Tools", "Google Fonts", "Drift", "Screenly"

"payment": "Stripe"

"video": "Wistia", "YouTube"

"advertising": "Facebook Audiences", "Google Remarketing", ""

"hosting": "Google DNS", "AWS"

"domains": "", ""

"ip_addresses": "", ""

"ip_relationships": "", ""

"tech_spend": "$100+ / month"

"hunter": {

"domain": ""

"email_pattern": "{first}"

"emails": "", ""

VP Product Design at Loup
Mobile Phone
IP Addresses
Viewed Pages
(810) 730-0054 (Verizon, Flint, MI)
Dallas, Texas, USA
Tech Spend
Website Tools
IP Addresses
Loup (Private, 2017)
Wylie, Texas, USA (Information Technology)
$100+ / Month,,,
Google DNS, AWS,
stripe icon
OpenPhone Circle 2.png

OpenPhone is for everyone

The secret sauce is in the engineering! OpenPhone is a web-based softphone application designed with open SIP registration capabilities. The open SIP registration capabilities allow the application to connect to virtually any PBX. Once registered, OpenPhone can handle voice calls natively through the browser without installing an executable allowing for use on any device, browser, or operating system. OpenPhone is also designed as a Progressive Web App and can easily be installed natively as a stand-alone desktop application. Since OpenPhone is a softphone and NOT a PBX there is no need to worry about origination and termination, connectivity to the PSTN, LCR, carrier management, call flow or any other phone system configurations as they will be handled by the PBX. Simply enter your user ID, domain, password, and OpenPhone will do the rest.

Have questions?

If you have questions or simply want to learn more about OpenPhone and the team, enter your business email on our request early access page and we will follow up with you. 


"Thanks for checking out OpenPhone and we are excited to show you what we are working on!" - Love the OpenPhone team 

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